October 16; Decisions Are Always Made: By You; By Someone Else; By Circumstance
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Chapter Ten: Deciding 16 October

“Make up your mind,”

Moab says.

“Render a decision…”

Isaiah 16:3a

Decisions Are Always Made: By You; By Someone Else; By Circumstance


It was a big yard and I was a little kid. Going up to my neighbor I had asked her for the job of cutting her overgrowing grass. She looked relieved. She asked if I could rake it too.

“Yes!” I said. I was going to make some money.

“How much?” she asked.

I told her to pay me whatever she thought the job was worth. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was worth and I was not brave enough to quote a price. The lawn took hours to cut.

“I’m finished,” I said.

“How much?” she asked, again.

I still couldn’t decide. But she knew I had worked for hours struggling with mower and rake and bagging.   “Whatever you think…”

She gave me one dollar. It wouldn’t even pay for the fuel: gas and soft-drinks. I looked at the single dollar and she looked at me…


Management is defined by making decisions. Deciding to ‘plan’ on what is to be done; who does what in ‘organizing’; ‘leading’ the work; and finally measuring the performance against the plan in the ‘control’ component. Staff should make recommendations but the boss decides. If boss doesn’t decide and doesn’t control events then the decision and events could be controlled by others.

David George is a former Air Force pilot and Senior Adult Pastor in a Baptist Church. (Retired military personnel always make good Pastors.) He writes,

The story is told of former President Ronald Reagan who once had an aunt who took him to a cobbler for a pair of new shoes. The cobbler asked young Reagan, “Do you want square toes or round toes?”

Unable to decide, Reagan didn’t answer, so the cobbler gave him a few days. Several days later the cobbler saw Reagan on the street and asked him again what kind of toes he wanted on his shoes.

Reagan still couldn’t decide, so the shoemaker replied, “Well, come by in a couple of days. Your shoes will be ready.” When the future president did so, he found one square-toed and one round-toed shoe!

“This will teach you to never let people make decisions for you,” the cobbler said to his indecisive customer.

“I learned right then and there,” Reagan said later, “if you don’t make your own decisions, someone else will.” David George (2014-01-30). The Daily Thought Shaker (p. 30). WestBowPress. Kindle Edition.

Decisions have to be made and sometimes the customer can help. Especially if your customer is Jack Welch.

In 1969, Terry Holland was mowing several lawns on his street when he knocked on Jack Welch’s door, hoping to add another client to his list. At the tender age of 13, Terry was excited to get the job. But he didn’t expect what was coming.

A middle manager at the time, Jack Welch would later gain celebrity status as General Electric’s CEO for taking the organization from a market value of $14 billion to more than $410 billion.

Terry continues in a Forbes magazine interview,

…Jack asked me, ‘how much money do you want to mow my lawn?’ I told him, ‘I really don’t give a price, I let people pay me whatever they think is fair.’

So Jack started pointing around the neighborhood. He asked, ‘How much do you get for mowing that guy’s lawn?’ I told him three bucks. He pointed to another house. ‘How much do you get paid for his?’ ‘Three and a quarter.’

‘I’ll tell you what,’ Jack said, ‘I’ll give you four dollars to mow my lawn on one condition… I want my lawn to look better than any of theirs.’”


…My neighbor lady looked down on me with a kind smile. I was hurt. She said that my lawn work was certainly worth more than that one dollar. She said that next time I would need to decide what the job was worth and stand up and give the customer the price. She was giving me a life lesson with a value greater than any immediate cash I could have received. I took her advice.

I researched and came up with a competitive price for my services and gave this quote upfront before beginning the work.

A few weeks later I revisited the woman who taught me the lesson. I asked to cut her grass and quoted a price for the premium service.

It was double the going rate.

She paid with a smile.

“Make up your mind,” Moab says. “Render a decision…” Isaiah 16:3a



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19 Responses

  1. Liam Clancy says:

    Services are what make the world go round. One person pays another to do a job in order to do their job for another person. A lesson that I have learned recently that goes along with this is that, you can not be afraid for the price that is fair for you or your company. I learned this in the moving business while shadowing sales people giving quotes on moves. Most people get multiple quotes so I saw angry customers complaining about our price being too high. However, when you sit down and analyze the quote the prices are laid out to show where the money went to. For instance, looking at our quote against another we can explain the inefficiencies or faults in opposing quotes.

    Other times the customer is less worried about the price. For example, we are the third company to come in and give a quote. We are in the middle price wise in all the quotes; the customer chooses us. This is an example of the customer looking for peace of mind in not going for the cheapest price and getting the best overall quality. In the moving business, and other businesses, you get what you pay for. As cliche as it sounds, it really is true. The price a company gives is carefully calculated to be profitable to the company and appealing to the customer. The price the customer pays usually correlates with the quality of the service or good.

  2. Omar Almutlaq says:

    Proving services is an important part of life cycle in a way or another we are all considered to be a service providers… a doctor who’s treating his patients is proving them with a service, a professor who is teaching is providing a service no matter what our speciality is we somewhere are considered a service providers in a sense.
    Asking for a set price is a good thing as long it’s fair for both parties or asking for a higher price with providing an excellent service instead of a lower price with poor quality.

  3. Jillian Sudo says:

    This article is a great life lesson. In life and not just in business it is important to always share your opinion. If you do not share your opinion you are always going to be left unhappy. When it comes to services it is important to be confident in your prices so that you are not walked all over. Decision-making is a huge part of the business world. Without decision-making you are allowing the customer to make the decision for you, something that will be helpful to the customer rather than helpful to you.

  4. Ana Brizuela says:

    Service is a very important part in a business. The majority of business has a costumer service, which could help get costumers and make them stay. In the life cycle everything is provided by a service. For example a teacher is providing a service, the janitor is providing a service; a nanny is providing a service. This article is a great article because it shows how you should always say what you want to say no matter what. In a service people should be confidence in their prices, product and more. In business people should be careful with their decision and if they made their mind towards a decision they should commit to it and do not let anyone ran over you. In a way when you think about service, something comes to your mind, which is that service is a cycle that does not stop. I pay for my house to be built, then maybe they would like to pay for their son’s education and the teacher wants to pay for a food delivery and so on. This cycle is what keeps or economy going without it becomes a recession. I believe a person does not understand the importance of services.

  5. Melissa Lacayo says:

    I found this article very interesting. In every moment it is very important to share one’s opinion. Services are part of the life cycle. We are always providing services for others and being provided services by others. Asking for a set price is a good thing as long as it benefits both parties.

  6. Andrew Keleher says:

    Knowing your value is an important thing in sales. Deciding price can be a very difficult decision. You need to know your own worth and be able to make the customer not think that you are taking advantage of them. When you do decide what you are charging you have to say it with confidence. People will always try to barter and get a deal but you have to be ready to explain the reasonings behind such price. If you let people walk over you, you will not be able to be as profitable as you should be so you need to know your worth. Jack Welch said he would pay four dollars if his lawn to look better than his neighbors. If I was Terry Holland I would make sure that I made his lawn looked great and going forward i would put more effort into new customers so could start charging them four dollars as well. By doing a good job not only does it say a lot about your services but also gives you the opportunity to increase your price without having to explains yourself because the proof is in the results.

  7. Gabriel Haddad says:

    This article shows that a person needs to be able to make their own decisions without help of others sometimes. It is good to get the opinion of another person in life, but not in all situations. It shows that you need to be prepared in any situation you are in no matter what. In regards to the Regan story, it was something as small as a shoe decision that he could not make. He learned from experience (including the experience at the cobbler) and became one of the best Presidents of the United States by making logical and important decisions.

  8. Andrew Issner says:

    The article highlighted two very important aspects of business. The first, do your research and have a price in mind for what ever service or product you are selling. Leaving this decision up to someone else might get you a customer, but could leave you without making any net profit for your efforts. The second aspect concerns decision making in general. As a manager, you have the responsibility for the success or failure of your team, company etc. and success or failure depends upon your ability to execute good decisions. This does not mean that you cannot get input from your staff, but it is important to be clear that the final decision will rest with you. If you are given an opportunity to have input on a decision and you do not and then do not like the outcome, you have no one to blame but yourself. In business the stakes are even higher and you cannot afford to be indecisive.

  9. Khaled Agha says:

    I believe the lessons to be learned from this particular article are the following; consumers should do better research before making a tough decision, and employees should also be aware that sometimes customers might not know what they want right off the bat. Take Apple for example, their main goal in their stores is helping build customer relations between their devices and customers while also making sure the customers get a amazing journey from start to end. This includes aiding in any questions or concerns and even as far as decisions. Customers are always looking for the top deals that are worthy of their dollars, and most places are going to be competitive to gain profit. It is up to them to be prepared for any situation that might occur, even as simple as a customer not being able to make a decision about a shoe.

  10. Jorge Guzman says:

    This article was very interesting in the fact that pricing a product and/or service is not as easy as it seems. One of the first things that should be done when looking for a price is to do research of the market and see what other people are selling it on the market. If someone were to let someone else set the price the way they want it, you will not be able to make a profit because it is most likely that you will not make a profit selling the product and/or service at the set price. Pricing is one of the most decisions important decisions that must be made, so decision making, in general, would be considered to be difficult. Decision making is one of the hardest things a boss can do because it can affect how a company can make money. The article also showed that it doesn’t always hurt to get advice from others as it could one day be helpful.

  11. sam saidi says:

    I found this article to be extremely relevant to my job at a restaurant when it comes to adding different items to our entrees. Some items aren’t in the system to add a price to so the kitchen is then responsible for placing a reasonable price on adding that item to the plate. You can’t let the customer choose the price because they will choose a price that benefits them over your business. This must be decided for the customer before hand. The second the customer has power over price setting your business is gonna have to sacrifice profit for customer service.

  12. Brendan Rooney says:

    My sister has a horrible problem of not being able to make decisions on her own. It could be what movie to watch or what to have for dinner. I end up making the decision and she ends up getting made half the time and I’m like “make up your mind!”. I should show her this article because being a good, confident decision maker is an important characteristic. CEOs have to make tons of decisions for companies that can influence millions of dollars. Through research and studying they come to the best decision and they do not hesitate. The article is a great life lesson because it shows if you can’t make a decision people will make it for you and take advantage of you.

  13. Jack McFarlane says:

    When I was younger, I had a similar lawn mowing service. Only mine was not successful in the slightest. I would go door to door hoping one of my neighbors would accept my services for the small price of $20. It did not matter what the size yard was, me and my friend were going to charge $20. After days of going door to door we only got one customer. We continued to cut this woman’s yard for a few years. She was an elderly woman. She would call us and it would be a quick way to make $20. I am glad that my friend and I did not leave the price decision up to the elderly woman, as we might have made less than $20 a mow, like yourself.

  14. Steve kornutik says:

    Making your own decisions is an important lesson that needs to be learned. This article relates heavily to what I do on a daily basis. Working for a big General contractor there are a lot of decisions to be made and each one needs to be made correctly or else it will cost us a lot of time and money. I learned the first week that I couldn’t rely on sub contractors to be making important decisions in terms of design and build processes. I learned the hard way when i told someone to do what they thought was best and what they thought was best turned out to be wrong. When you let someone make decisions that affect your job you risk a lot for yourself. I learned this and now always have an answer for people when they ask and always make sure its my own and that i am confident in it.

  15. Evan Turkovic says:

    This article is great at showing life lessons; the main one is being able to make your own decisions. I’ve always had a problem making small decisions like what to have for dinner or what TV show to watch, because of all the options that are available. I think that it won’t be the same when major decisions come along. I need to be able to put my foot down and come to solid decisions if I ever want to make it in the business world. Price setting is a major part in the service business, you need to be able to give your client the right price so that they are happy and you are able to make money. If you have a person that can’t decided what to set the price at someone else will make that decision for you. You may not always be happy with what they decide because it will usually go in their favor.

  16. William Lashar says:

    Whenever somebody starts something they he never done before like a job or a sport, there is always a moment in time where they are tentative and or nervous to make decisions due to
    lack of confidence. However, there is always a point in time (usually a mistake) that completely changes this pattern and forces the person to make decisions on their own. The article above shows a good example of this as mowing the lawn was worth much more than just one dollar. I myself have this problem as I’m always unsure and want another persons input. Im hoping to change this habit as I would not want it to bite me in the future.

  17. Matthew Michalski says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article because I have encountered a similar problem. I did not know how to quote the price of the service I was providing, and ultimately wished I had never taken the offer because of the low wage I was paid. I learned that people will take advantage of you if you are not prepared and present yourself in a way that portrays yourself as being too nice. Being prepared and being able to negotiate are key aspects for yourself to be able to be satisfied with the end pay.

  18. Matthew Pham says:

    Indecisiveness can really hurt a business and managers. This does not mean go out and make a quick instinct decision and go with your gut feeling every time. Ask for help if needed and fully understand the situation before making a decision. Taking too long can hurt and that is when experience can be an important factor. It is acceptable to have others help you make decisions but not for others to make them for you especially for managers which can look real bad. Patience and experience are important in making decisions and not all of them will be easy which is why it is good to have help when you need it from your co workers or another manager.

  19. Brian Rogers says:

    Decisions are the be all end all of a business. If you make a great decision your business succeeds, if you make a poor one your business will suffer greatly. However, no decision is always the worst decision. In any aspect of life going into a situation without a plan is like going into battle without armor, or going deep sea diving without any scuba gear, you are in trouble. With that being said, decisions are tough to make alone. It is important to surround yourself with a good, capable, trustworthy team to help make recommendations and ultimately coming to a decision. Once the decision is made, it is very important to stick to that decision and to allow yourself and team to go all in, 100%, and make the decision a good one by putting in the necessary work.

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